Chuk Chuk Chuk… Chal Padi Pratham Books ki Rail Gaadi!

In one of the emails exchanged within our organization, Mala from the editorial team wrote :
“So now we’re going to here excited calls of ‘Garma garm Chaaaiii! aaalu-batata vadaaa! Taaza taaza Pratham booookss!

Or to start with, Chuda-chuda kaapi, Idli-vadai saambaar! Morru-morru murukku! Puthampudiya Pratham Pustagangall!
Wow, Indian Railways just became so much more interesting.”

What is she talking about?
We are sooooooooooooooo excited because we found out that our books (in Tamil and English) are being bought by IRCTC to give to children who will be going for school tours on trains in Tamil Nadu.
This is IRCTC Southern Unit’s pilot exercise to give away books to students of class 8th travelling on study tours throughout Tamil Nadu. This pilot is to promote reading while travelling and more 10,000 children travel in a year on these study tours conducted by IRCTC in association with SSA TN.
This time, only girls are part of these study tours and are escorted by almost 1000+ teachers travelling in 8 districts of TN.
We have offered them 12 titles ranging from ‘A Man called Bapu’ to ‘Turtle Story’ and ‘Freestlye’, from the History series to the the Environment series.
Although the current pilot is for a small set of children, we hope that this pilot is successful and that we will be able to reach more children through IRCTC.
(On another note: Isn’t the Indian Railways ad adorable?)


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