Pratham Books is looking for a Marketing and Outreach Manager

Always bubbling with ideas. Great at collaborating. Think of innovative strategies to scale. Want to contribute towards social good. If we just described you then Pratham Books has the role for you!

Pratham Books, a not-for-profit children’s book publisher is looking for a marketing and outreach manager to lead its platform marketing efforts for their Crowd-sourcing Story Publishing Platform (SPP) and Fund Raising Platform (FRP).
About the Story Publishing and Fund Raising Platform:
Till date Pratham Books has reached millions of children but our goal is to see ‘a book in every child’s hand’. In-order to scale-up and achieve our objective we are working on creating a collaborative framework to create and disseminate children’s stories
The SPP, will allow readers and content creators participate collaboratively, creatively and in mutually beneficial ways to translate, remix and create entirely new books using our openly licensed illustrations and stories as a starting point and make the resultant works available in a variety of standard compliant formats for reach across both digital and print mediums while providing open access to a library of digitized stories and illustrations.
The FRP, will seek to leverage the communities we have fostered to crowd-fund libraries for children where they are needed most and for whom they are needed most.
Deliverables for the FRP:
The FRP will be ready for launch shortly. The individual will be responsible for managing the entire portal and engagement on the portal. Monthly crowd-funding targets will need to be achieved. Some of the responsibilities include:
  • Discovery of organisations that can accept donations and have access to networks to raise funds. Further, working with these organisations and individuals to build their capacity to raise funds from their networks to fulfil their library requirements
  • Map out internal processes for order fulfilment
  • Monitoring the funded projects. Documenting these stories and presenting them attractively to pitch the organization’s work sto new donors
Deliverables for the SPP:
• Research & Documentation:
Identifying, collaborating and working with partner pilot sites to test the content and the usage scenarios. Hiring & managing trainees who can conduct these pilots
Be the link between the pilot sites and the internal content team.
• Content usage partnerships/ distribution pilots
Curate a list of International and national organizations that will use the content developed on SPP
Create partnerships with service providers /handset manufacturers to carry the content developed on the SPP
On-ground Distribution pilots
Understand on-ground usage scenarios
Identify possible innovative strategies. e.g. SD cards, CD etc
Test & pilot these strategies for scale-up plans
• Marketing & PR Strategy for SPP and FRP
Marketing plans to launch the platform
Sustained efforts to ensure new footfalls and recurring engagement on the platforms
• Analytics, Metrics & SEO

Work closely with the CTO to understand the platform engagement analytics and devise suitable marketing strategies to increase engagement and fill the gaps where required

Location: Position is based out of Bangalore and is full-time.
Salary: Will commensurate with experience. We are looking for a passionate individual who wants to make a difference.
Write to us: Email your resume to [email protected]. A short note on why this profile sounds interesting would be appreciated.
Interested? Read more about what we do and why we do what we do here



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