Crowd Sourced library- a healing place

Pushpendra Pandya, the founder of India’s First Crowd Sourced
Library talks about bringing together book lovers from many cities
including Chenna, in this article written by Priyadarshini Paitandy for The Hindu. 

Via the Hindu:
One man. A room full of books. Enthusiastic book lovers from across the
country. What happens when they combine resources? India’s First Crowd Sourced Library (IFCSL) is formed. Pushpendra Pandya from Mumbai started
this initiative in October last year. “I realised that words heal
loneliness. There are a lot of lonely people around,” says Pandya on
what made him come up with this idea. “I used to work at the Rani Baugh
Zoo (Mumbai) and feed the crows, squirrel and fish. I made friends with
a few elderly gentlemen by offering them my newspaper to read. A few
days later I realised they waited for more reading material from me.”
That made him think of spreading the joy of reading and keeping up the
real book reading experience.
Read the entire article here to see how you can contribute to this endeavour. 

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