Pratham Books celebrates Children’s Day in style!

It was Children’s Day yesterday and we wanted to do something super special for kids. So we organized a special storytelling and stick puppet making session, at the Bangalore Book Fair.
And must we say as always we came back with some wonderful memories.
Sowmya [the storyteller] had taken a lot of effort to make bear and moon cut-outs, even recorded eerie sounds on her phone!

She enthralled the kids with the story and they were intrigued to know why the Himalayan bear has a V on his chest. She even made them sing a song…..which went something like this…(i think)…..The bear went up the deodar tree, the bear went up the deodar tree, to see what he could see — and all that he

could see was that the moon was way up high.
After this the children, Sowmya, me, parents , Sanjay, Sanjay’s friends all got super busy making the bear stick puppets……..and it was amazing to see the children sooo excited over having made their own puppet. As a conscious decision to be eco-friendly sowmya and i had decided to use Newspapers and i must say that the bear looked super cool. So cool that we made an extra one for office:)

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A few side highlights of the event:

1. One young man who was managing the sound system at BBF was so intrigued by the book, that while we were busy making the puppets with the kids he picked up a book and started browsing, i think he did not know how to read English but the illustrations were so catchy that he kept on turning the pages….
2. Since the event was in the cafeteria section, one guy who was selling tea came up to us and thanked sowmya he said…” i am from north and i remember when we were young my mom used to tell me stories and feed me food, today you brought back all those memories!!! :))

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