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Via Publishers Weekly

Random House has launched a new marketing site dedicated to books and movies, www.wordandfilm.com. The site, which comes out of the publisher’s digital initiatives division is, as the group’s director Sheila O’Shea put it, something that “celebrates the intersection of books, movies, and television.” To that end, wordandfilm.com is slightly more nebulous about the crossover between print and screen in its content, featuring everything from sneak peeks at Hollywood adaptations to straight-up interviews with actors who’ve appeared in adaptations.

In a release about the site, Random House said it “gives the moviegoer (and book lover) inside information…and industry background on films, writers, and what’s in the pipeline.” The content is provided by a mix of RH staffers, celebrities, and journalists, and it pulls from a mix of original pieces and timely use of existing content from RH books.
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