Our Books are now Available on Memetales

Our friends at Mememtales have created a new set of apps…and our books are also available! We met Maya Bisineer (the founder of Memetales) on twitter about 2 years ago. When Maya told us that she would like to use our CC-licensed books to create apps for Memetales, we were happy to send her the books and have them converted into yet another format.

Via Memetales

… Memetales evolved into a publishing platform for publishers along with a super compelling gamified e-book reader for kids. Today, the mission of Memetales is always innovate to get the best children’s stories to children in the most engaging and innovative ways, while making it viable and profitable for the creative individuals who create the stories.

About the app

A variety of children’s stories and picture books (with audio) – with something for every child at every reading stage! Keep kids excited and motivated with points and stickers.
For our first release, we have partnered with diverse publishers and author/illustrators to bring you a wide selection of stories.
Basic books, books for first time readers and longer classic tales as well. Books can be read with audio playback (autoplay) or without it.We even have one Spanish story!
* 20 Free books when you register
* Read with audio or without
* Kids get points every time they read a book.
* Kids earn stickers for reading more and more.
* Kids unlock a book related game when they read a book (games included with 5 books)
* Parents are informed of the stickers that the kids earn via e-mail. A great way to be involved in your child’s reading journey!
Click here for more information and to download the app . So, if you’ve got an iPad or an iPhone, we hope you can check out this amazing app developed by Memetales and give us and them your feedback on these books.

Learn more about Memetales, follow their blog and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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