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Our books are now available on yet another platform! This time, StoryTruck has decided to use our CC-licensed books for their platform.
Mohan Rao, the founder of StoryTruck, takes us through the evolution of this social storytelling platform :
Do you remember your childhood days when you would sit around your uncles, aunts, grandmas or grandpas to listen to a story? I do! I remember my grandmother who narrated Ramayan, Mahabarat and other mythological stories. We would never get tired of listening to her stories. She had read those mythological books so many times and never went wrong. It was a treat to spend our summer vacation at grandma’s place. We played the whole day, had ice creams, dug some sand pits and in the night, all the cousins sat around grandma and listened to her story while she served us dinner. I wish I could get back that childhood!
Like most families nowadays, my children live far away from their grandparents. They get to meet once a year and cherish these memories for the rest of the year. I wanted to do something about it so that they could continue to bond and share fun things even while they were not together. I founded StoryTruck, which is a social storytelling platform where you can read, record and share stories. StoryTruck was built from the ground-up with the family in mind. We paid a lot of attention to everything including the colors & the design. The concept is simple. You first pick a digital version of the book from our bookstore. You then click on the blue camera icon to start recording. Once you are done, you can share it with anyone you like. You can share it via all the social media channels and via an email. The recipient of this link can then click on the link and listen to you reading the story along with watching the book being read.
With StoryTruck, I hope to help bridge this distance with a story. My children can now, listen to their grandma read a story. They can treasure this for many many years and probably share it one day with their grandchildren as well.
Click here to learn more about StoryTruck. To find our books, type ‘Pratham Books’ in the search box provided at the top of the page.

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