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What was your fascination when you went to the school for the first time?

New uniform, new pencil,new notebooks, new crayons, etc. You learnt to write an A, draw an elephant, fly a paper plane andmake paper boats. What if I separate that notebook from your life?
Then I am separating that fascination and motive for you to go to school. If I am separating that motive then I am probably separating learning from your school life. If am separating learning then I am probably separating education from society and if am separating education them I am probably separating development from society.

An international survey conducted in 2001 indicates that out of those 35.38% illiterate people in India, more than 50% are children.

And the basic reason behind that is their parents cannot afford to send them to school. If they manage that then they cannot bear the expenses on stationary. That means for a want of a book a student was lost, and for our want of a student, the future was lost.
These kids are our future and we cannot afford to ignore them.

We are not running a school.
We are not running an orphanage.
We are not asking for cash, nor are we asking for cheques.
All we want is a simple notebook, a blank notebook.

Just buy any 100 or 200 pages notebook or full-scape book and send it to us by mail or courier or hand it over to any one of our volunteers.

And on your behalf we will provide them to the children at orphanages and NGOs associated with us.

Anyone can do it; in fact everyone can do it. We just need your active support and contribution.

And we will see to it that every notebook of yours fulfils the very basic need of every student benefitting from this initiative.

We expect atleast one notebook from every single donor, but if you wish to give more than that we will be obliged.

After all we intend to collect atleast 20,010 notebooks, and the more, the merrier.

So come together and join us in our fight against illiteracy and let us ensure that no child is left deprived of a pencil to write with and a paper to write on.
Visit their blog for more information.

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