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Last year, we were looking for NGOs and schools to donate ‘Library-in-a-classroom’ kits to. Over the past few months, we have been receiving reports and pictures of how the books are being used by kids in different parts of India. The following report was sent to us bySamiksha Foundation. 
Samiksha is a Creative Learning Initiative for children with cancer and their caregivers.We provide the non-medical support – educational, spiritual and creative – required for these children within the hospital environment. Samiksha Foundation carries out its programs at Kapur Ward, Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology.

On how Pratham Books are useful to Samiksha Foundation

Samiksha has setup a library at the hospital for these children and our teachers/volunteers help cataloging ,maintaining the library,help children read books. Older children also get to borrow books ,read them on their own/with parent and return them to the library.
We are delighted to add Pratham’s “library-in-a-classroom’ grant books to our library collection at Samiksha.
Children with cancer have a right to proper education! 
The children are hospital bound with limited activities.They miss school, learning , fun and games that comes with a normal childhood. Samiksha fills this gap and brings education and fun to the children (at the hospital) while they are being treated at the hospital. This way the children will be able to be in touch with reading/writing ,academics and can go back to school with less/no difficulty..
Joy of Reading !
We use books to bond – “It’s not just about academic success and supporting literacy- its also more about making children/caretaker value their time..and help these children in distress to express their emotions and experience the joy of reading which in many times, lifts the spirits of children/care-taker and gives them more positive ways to relate them to life outside the hospital..
We have children of different age-groups, speaking different mother-tongues, studying in different mediums.
Since Pratham books are available in many regional languages and in many reading levels, this is so perfect for Samisksha to meet every child’s reading needs and to bring the smile/joy on their faces when they get to pick their favorite book or to read a book in their preferred language/mother-tongue.
Children love Pratham Books!
Here is a feedback from our samiksha teacher Ms.Parvathy ..(see attached image of her reflection on Pratham Books in her own words, hand-written in kannada)..She shared that children love these books – kolam/rangoli patterns , village ambience, folk-tales, nature- themed ones with big banana plants , fluttering butterflies , all and many more in their favorites list..:)
And so here it is .at Samiksha…’A Book in every child’s hand’ ,thanks to Pratham Books!

Thank you Samiksha Foundation for helping us spread the joy of reading.


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