Mystic Mythology : Bangalore

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Welcome to the magical and mystical world of Mythology!!! To a time when Gods and goddesses ruled the earth, demons roamed free and angels saved the day. To a space where stories of kings and demons, queens and witches, beast and nature abound.
Step into the gripping world of heroes and heroines, strange creatures, supernatural beings, and miracles. From India to America, Egypt to China, Europe to Australia!
Learn about Zeus – the (Greek) ruler of Heavens, and Indra – the king of (Indian) gods. The rainbow serpent of Australia and the Dragons of Europe & China. Narasimha of India and the Sphinx in Egypt. Eldorado in South America and Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean. Phoenix – the fire bird, and Gandaberunda – the two headed bird.
Get enthralled by the fascinating stories of various cultures from across the globe. All through various mediums including art forms such as painting, crafts, dance, music, theatre, photography, magic, sculpting, art & technology, puppetry, cooking, etc.

Summer camp dates:
Week 1: 5th – 9th April
Week 2: 12th – 16th April
Week 3: 19th – 23rd April
Week 4: 26th – 30th April
Week 5: 3rd – 7th May
Week 6: 10th – 14th May
10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. every day (Monday to Friday)
Age groups:
3- 5 years / 6- 8 years / 9 -12 years

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