Morphie’s Great Water Ride Adventure

Kids will love tagging along on Morphie’s Great Water Ride Adventure. They can follow the journey of a raindrop as it moves out from a puddle and evaporates, finds a cloud, talks about its melting snow friends, grinds sand to form the beach and so on.

From the website:

Morphie (named after his ability to change shape) shows readers how water in its never-ending cycle is part of weather, waterways, habitats, agriculture, manufacturing, generating electricity, living at home – and even rainbows. He also reminds us that fresh water is precious, so we should take good care of it – of him – to be sure to have the healthy, fresh water we need for the future.

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  1. Anonymous February 6, 2009

    Hai. o(???*o)(?*???)? Hai.

    Happy story.
    I think that it is a book of which popularity goes out to children.

  2. Maya February 6, 2009

    Thanks ??(Sola)! Good to know that you enjoyed it too 🙂


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