Marching Back to School with Mala Kumar

Friday the 17th of April, 2015 brought the Bookalore team to Army Public School for a fun activity-filled morning. Amidst shouts, squeals and peals of laughter, Mala Kumar conducted a storytelling session with the little, high-energy second graders. The junior library rang loudly with “I want that one!”, “I want this one!” and “On your mark, get set, go!!!”

I time-travelled back to school and fondly remembered the rare storytelling sessions that we used to have. To see the enthusiasm and joy on the children’s faces when Mala played the part of an angry Anil was a treat indeed. The children could relate with Anil and were very curious to know what Anil’s Amma wanted. Why did “No, no, not that one!” become “I want that one!”? Multiple guesses were made at the answer (some funny :)) and when the right one was revealed shouts of “I knew it! I knew it!” could be heard.

A fun Friday morning left us in high spirits throughout the day. Mala’s awesome ability of interacting with children and her transformation into angry little Anil brought the session alive. We got what we wanted – to spread the joy of reading and to colour the young minds with stories. 🙂

And just in case you are wondering what Anil wanted, you can read Mala Kumar’s story for free here.

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