Celebrate World Book Day with New Stories

Today is World Book Day or World Book and Copyright Day a event organized by (UNESCO) to promote reading, publishing and copyright every year on April 23rd. For us at Pratham Books, this day holds a special place in our hearts as it combines everything that we stand for.
It’s about the joy of reading good books, the joy of publishing good books put together by our talented authors, illustrators and translators and the joy of sharing these good books with a large audience, thanks to the Creative Commons license our books carry.
Our journey with Creative Commons started in 2008, when we realized that the way to make our story books travel to far off places was to free them from the limitations that copyright brings with it. The gap of good reading material for Indian children was wide, and we wanted to fill the gap as fast as we could. We got our wheels via the Creative Commons license which allowed our stories to be translated and adapted multiple times, taking its reach further than we had imagined.
And then came ‘Muchkund and his Sweet Tooth‘, our first book to be launched digitally and made accessible for reading even before it was printed, thanks to the CC license. Our beloved Sringeri Srinivas made an appearance on ‘Too Much Noise’ digitally and is soon going to be available in print. After that, we printed the entire Adikahani series under a CC license. 
In all these years, our belief in the power of ‘Openness’ and ‘Sharing’, through Creative Commons has only increased. Our extended family of Authors and Illustrators are recognizing it too and are getting on board the CC bandwagon. For the first time since we’ve adopted these licenses, we’ve printed an entire batch of new titles under a CC-BY license. 
On World Book Day today, we couldn’t think of a better gift for our readers than this:  All our latest 10 books (in 6 languages) are available for reading and downloading on Scribd. 
That’s 58 new books for you to read and share! 
Not only that, you can get your very own copies at a discounted price* too. Because we know you love books as much as we do.

Celebrate WORLD BOOK DAY today by curling up with a beloved book. Whether it’s a print-copy or a bright glow of a device – Books are friends we all need.

All the books (except the bilinguals) are also available on the Pratham Books Mobile App. So, you can now read on the go 🙂

*The discounted packs are available for a fixed period of time only.

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