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Creating a daily reading routine with your child is more than just fun; it helps build vocabulary and listening skills, develops your child’s imagination and encourages a love of reading. It also creates quality time between reader and listener and can be a wonderful conversation starter.
Here are some ideas to get you and your kids reading together throughout the day:
• Let your kids pick the books they want you to read to them, or that they would like to read themselves. If it’s a topic they are interested in, they will have more fun listening or reading about it.
• Read a chapter a day. Choose a time of day that works best for your family. For many it may be bedtime, like it is for us, but for others it may be over the breakfast table or winding down after dinner.
Read one chapter aloud, or for younger kids, choose one book to read aloud. Setting aside a special time of day to read encourages kids to look forward to reading each day and helps create a reading routine.
• Some days parents may just feel too tired to read. If that’s the case, why not listen to an audio book together? Find picture books on CD that are accompanied by the book and younger readers can read right along with you, while older children can enjoy listening to chapter books while helping you with the dishes.
The story is the same; the time together is still happening and the discussion that follows can be just as meaningful.
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