Kavade Tournament – Traditional Games

Kavade(Bangalore) is organizing a tournament of traditional games on 26th January, 2010. You have to register in teams of 2 for the event. Click on the image above for more details.

Citizen Matters carried an article on last time’s tournament :

The tournament included games such as Chowkabara, Pagade, AduHuli Aata and Alugulimane. Divided into two age groups, above and below 15 years, this event attracted more than 60 participants in two days. The participants enjoyed playing together with friends and family.

Many parents said that they have grown up playing such games and the event gave them a chance to introduce their children to it. One such parent, Mohan Joshi felt that people today rarely keep these games at home. He added that tournaments like such help children develop patience in their otherwise fast paced life. He said his son Rohit, all of nine years, seemed to have developed a liking toward these games after trying his hand at alugulimane. “It helps children apply their mind unlike the aimless video games, thereby improving the thought process”, he said.The tournament saw practised board gamers and first timers. Completely engrossed in chowkabari were two such novice youngsters Narahari and Murari who participated on both the days of the event. The boys who learnt chowkabari on the first day were quite competent on day two. Narahari considered these games as a source of bringing families closer together and bridging gap. Murari infact found board games such as chowkabara better than video games. They plan to come here more often.

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