It is Election Season. Vote for Pratham Books!

Isn’t it exciting that you get to make a huge impact to the lives of Indian children with just a single vote? Our election promise is clear: Help us win, and we will take the joy of reading to the children who need them the most.
Pratham Books is a finalist in the Google Impact Challenge in India for non-profits using technology and innovation to overcome challenges. This Award will help us do what we do in bigger, better, and more effective ways.
This Award will add greatly to our efforts to reach the unreached child. We will create an innovative, open source platform to create thousands of new stories for millions of new readers. It will allow people from around the world, to join in our societal mission, by writing, translating, contextualizing and illustrating stories. They will also have tools to remix and retell old and existing content. We hope this will create the largest repository of stories in multiple Indian languages for children to access freely across different formats and devices, including mobile phones.
You’ve been with us in the past few years, so you know that in the last decade, we’ve created 250 stories, and 1600 books — which have been read 50 million times. With your vote and this Award, in just 3 years’ time, we will be able to scale up to 20,000 books, across 25 languages and over 200 million book reads.
Now that’s a dream worth chasing! Please vote for us. And do share our story with friends, family, colleagues, followers, readers, and anyone else who believes in an India where all children have stories to read.


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