360 Degrees Longitude- A Book that Uses Google Earth

Just half an hour ago, there was some talk in our office about using maps. Half an hour later, I came across an article on the use of maps and Google Earth in a book. 360 Degrees Longitude is about one family’s journey around the world.
Via Google Earth blog

A book called “360 Degrees Longitude” is about a family of four who decided to spend a year traveling around the world. The book documents their journey – but, I’m especially intrigued by their use of the Internet, maps, and Google Earth to help people follow the places they went, and view the pictures they took. The book was released last month, and is available from Amazon. But, the maps and Google Earth file are available from their web site. The Google Earth file shows their somewhat convoluted route, and contains lots of placemarks with snippets of information about each location and photos. It’s actually quite entertaining to read about the trip with Google Earth, but the book adds a lot of detail to their experiences. The book’s web site has a lot of other supporting content including Google Maps mashups.

Via Amazon’s product description:

360 Degrees Longitude employs Google’s wildly popular Google Earth as a compliment to the narrative. Using your computer you can spin the digital globe to join the adventure cycling through Europe, feeling the cold stare of a pride of lions in Africa, and breaking down in the Andes. Packed with photos, video and text, the online Google Earth companion adds a dimension not possible with mere paper and ink.

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