Pratham Books and Google come together for a book reading session

As a part of their CSR initiative, Google collaborated with Pratham Books to come together for a book reading session at Shishu Mandir, Bangalore on 20th November, 2013
We planned to conduct a storytelling session in the morning. Walking into the school perimeter sent us back into memory lane. The Google team quickly paired up into groups of two. When they walked into the classrooms, they were greeted by the kids who went on to sing a lovely song to welcome them. 
Overwhelmed by the welcome, the Googlers and the children walked into their respective classrooms and thus began the journey of Paplu, the Giant. The children were so engrossed in the story that they were asking questions like “If Paplu forgot his magic words after he grew into a giant, then what would happen ?”
The post-storytelling session involved getting the kids to dress up Paplu with bits of cloth. The group that created the best outfit would receive a bouquet of flowers and chocolates. 
The children were given 30 minutes to complete the task and the results were absolutely fantastic. Some dressed Paplu as a traveller in Thailand while some dressed him up as a normal guy. All the four groups were extremely creative and it was decided that all of them were winners !
One of the Googlers Somya,  also joined the children in singing a popular Hindi song.
Thank you Googlers for joining us spreading the joy of reading. If your organization would like to do the same, join the tribe of Pratham Books champions! Read more about the Champions project.


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