Impact Story : Books in Vizianagram

How many people does it take to build a library? In the case of this rural government school, it needed just one person – Satish Kumar Moida. Satish’s father is a government school teacher and Satish decided to fundraise for books for his father’s school by using the Donate-a-Book platform.
The month long campaign run by Satish resulted in the school receiving 375 books. Satish shares more details about the books they received :

How the books are being used :
We had these books in a classroom and asked the students to read. After reading, they would explain what they understood after reading the book.  Teachers have also allocated 1 period for reading every day and are also conducting a reading competition. We have observed a change in the children and their interest towards reading and writing. They are asked to come on stage and explain the story. By this they are improving their body language and narrating skillls

The kids are feeling very happy and are very excited to tell the story and competition between them and asking doubts has also increased.

Experience on Donate-a-Book:
I feel it is very useful for rural villages schools and for increasing literacy rate .


But Satish isn’t stopping by setting up just one library. He is on his way to starting another rural library. Support this dream by donating a book

Donate-a-Book is an initiative by Pratham Books to help bridge the gap between those who want to help children read and those who need books for children. Together we will build a Reading India by making storybooks accessible to thousands of children and spread the joy of reading.

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