Illustrated heroes solve the mysteries of Chemistry.

The mention of chemistry brings to mind complex chemical equations and odours that make one cringe their nose. Chemistry has always been true to its name and while most of us studied it because we had no choice, its mystery still shrouds many of us including me. Everyone who has been through high school will surely have not so fond memories of memorising the Periodic table.

With its massive collection of 118 elements, the periodic table has a lot to say than just sit their respective boxes in the textbook. The mere look at the periodic table is known to bring out yawns and learning about them is sure to invite sleep. However, this perception was changed, all thanks to the efforts of the Japanese artist Bunpei Yorifuji.

His book aptly titled “Wonderful Life with the Elements: The Periodic table personified” is a great way to learn the Periodic table in the most unforgettable way. This comic inspired take on the Periodic table is a complete fun way to learn and understand the elements and their characteristics. The book expresses each element with a view, attitude and style that reflects the chemical properties of the element, era of discovery and natural states. With a variety of beards, hairstyles and style these micro-vignettes enthral their readers and bring them to a point where science gets as whimsical as ever.

This book is a must read for everyone who wishes to befriend Chemistry rather than just memorise it. With chemistry and creativity walking hand in hand, this book is definitely a fun way to know the elements better.

Get to know the elements better here.


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