Story telling like never before at the Kahaani Festival.

Picture source: http://www.kahaanifestival.com/

Stories and story telling have always been a part of our lives. We all have grown up with stories narrated to us by our grandparents or parents. In a way, these simple stories have been instrumental in making us the people we are. However, we are currently living in a phase where reading and story telling have been reduced to a dwindling tradition.

The Kahaani Festival sponsored by Pathways Schools, Teamwork Productions and Pratham Books is all set to revive and reinvent the art of story telling. This festival is going to be a celebration of story telling, where stories will be told in the form of poetry, puppetry, music and just about every possible way.

Packed with story telling sessions by some of the best story-tellers and performances that will educate and entertain, this festival is definitely going to be a colourful riot of stories, expressions, voices and creativity.

The festival will be held on the 17th and 18th of November 2012 at Pathways School, Noida. Be there and experience the richness, grandeur and glory of a dwindling tradition as it revives itself. The festival is free for all and open to everyone.

Read more about the Kahaani Festival here.


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