If I Were A Book

If I Were A Book’s publishing platform lets one publish a book/blog and the company has tied up with publishing houses like HarperCollins India, Random House India, Hachette Book Publishing, Hay House (present in US/UK/Canada) etc for printing.

If I Were A Book has a strong community factor – one can upload their books/blog, which is then rated by visitors of the site. Publishers can simply filter the books based on readers’ popular opinion and can then contact the author through the website for print publishing.



  1. Freya October 12, 2008

    but there’s no administration in the site. The top-rated books contain the worst pieces of writing imaginable. the site is neglected.

  2. Gautam October 12, 2008

    @Freya A community does need some handholding. It’s a pity they’ve let it go. And it does look like there aren’t too many readers either…


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