2015 State of the Commons Report

Our Creative Commons journey began in 2008 with 6 books. Over the years, we kept adding to our pool of CC-licensed books – thanks to the authors and illustrator who shared our vision of spreading the joy of reading. Finally, this year we went all out and launched StoryWeaver – an open source platform for multilingual stories. As we continue on this journey, it is heartening to see the  2015 State of the Commons report that states that more and more organizations and people across the world are embracing the power of open. 

“The online communities that we’ve created together are a global platform for sharing. If we want to live in a digital world that is fair, diverse, vibrant, serendipitous, and safe for everyone, we will have to choose to make it that way. If that world is going to be accessible, equitable, and full of innovation and opportunity, it will require our leadership to foster and defend these ideals.”, says Ryan Merkley, CEO, Creative Commons.

The report states that ever 1 billion CC licensed works entered the Commons in 2015 and that the CC licensed works have nearly tripled in the last 5 years. The adoption of CC-BY-SA and CC-BY licenses is on the rise (Psst : Pratham Books and StoryWeaver mostly use the CC-BY license for our books). In 2015, CC licensed works were viewed online 136 billion times.

From the adoption of CC licenses by major platforms like Wikipedia and Flickr to impacting the open education movement, from increased use of licenses by government bodies to adoption by major foundations like Ford Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – all this and more in the 2015 State of the Commons Report.

Image Source : Creative Commons


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