How do you think Pratham Books is doing?

Via Seth Godin’s blog –

The easiest way to sell yourself short is to compare your work to the competition. To say that you are 5% cheaper or have one or two features that stand out–this is a formula for slightly better mediocrity. The goal ought to be to compare yourself not to the best your peers or the competition has managed to get through a committee or down on paper, but to an unattainable, magical unicorn. Compared to that, how are you doing?

I read the above blog post and it brought a smile to my face as I could not help but think how relevant it was for brand Pratham Books.
We just don’t want to more affordable books than the next publisher. We just don’t want to publish better books than the next publisher. Pratham Books wants to reach 300 million children in India. We want to see a book in every child’s hand. And because of this, ‘innovation’ is at the core of the brand’s DNA. We brought you 10 Rupee books. We recently re-printed many of our titles in Oriya. We even re-defined the way a story could be told and introduced story cards for Rs. 2! We are looking at bringing out 5 rupee books. We are looking at innovative ways to reach the child – Indian Post was one, railways was the other. We did a pilot where we sold story cards the sachet way!  
But we still have a long, long way before we achieve our mission of seeing “a book in every child’s hand”. How do you think Pratham Books has done so far? What do you like the best about this brand? Do you have thoughts on how we can reach more children at a fraction of a cost. Or how we can look at more collaborative ways of producing content. Or how we can publish in more than 11 Indian languages and find markets to sustain the production? If you have anything to say, we want to hear. Leave a comment here or write to us at [email protected].

Story cards retailed in sachet format at small newspaper vendors

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