Have You Seen All Our Latest Green Books?

Over the last couple of years, we have been creating a range of digital-first books for StoryWeaver — Pratham Books’ digital platform of openly-licensed multilingual stories. For these books, our focus has mainly been on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) topics. 
Oh no, please don’t run away already! We hope we didn’t scare you with the mention of STEM. In fact, the whole idea of creating these books has been to make these themes more accessible and appealing for children. We are certain that the stories that have been created as part of this set will help children make better sense of these concepts, and also make it more fun and memorable for them. In this post, we are sticking to our set of ‘Nature & Environment’ books. 
 Nature and environment have been recurring themes in the work we do at Pratham Books. We feel strongly that it’s important to engage children in conversations about nature at an early age. Through these narratives, we’re attempting to show them all the incredible and strange wonders of nature, nurture their curiosity and hopefully, inspire them to be young eco-warriors.
An illustration by Aindri Chakraborty from ‘Apu’s Giant Earthquake’

Our new set of Environment-themed stories have been commissioned and edited by Bijal Vachharajani, who writes extensively on the environment for a number of publications. These books have been art-directed by writer and illustrator Vinayak Varma, giving them the distinctive look and nuance that is needed for green books.

A Cloud of Trash by Karanjeet Kaur & Bhavana Vyas Vipparthi
A cloud of trash is hanging over Cheekoo’s head, making her the unhappiest girl in the world. Read this wonderful story to find out how Cheekoo gets rid of this horrible trash cloud.

Apu’s Giant Earthquake by Sudeshna Shome Ghosh & Aindri Chakraborty
Did Apu’s singing cause the earth to tremble and shake? Or was it an earthquake? Find out more in this humorous and fascinating story about earthquakes.

A Butterfly Smile by Mathangi Subramanian & Lavanya Naidu
Kavya’s family has just moved from her village to Bengaluru and she is the newest girl in her class. Go along with Kavya as she visits a butterfly park where she discovers a special connection with butterflies and also makes a new friend.

What’s Neema Eating Today? by Bijal Vachharajani & Priya Kuriyan
Meet Neema who LOVES to eat. Slippery lychees, squishy jamuns, sour tamarinds, shiny spinach – she loves it all! Join Neema as she chews and chomps her way through the year.

An illustration by Lavanya Naidu from ‘A Butterfly Smile’
In case you haven’t seen the Environment books that were created last year, you can read them here. 

Jadav and the Tree-Place by Vinayak Varma
Jadav has the best job in the world: he makes forests! How does he do it? Read this book to find out!This book won the ‘Digital Book of the Year’ award at the Publishing Next Conference in 2016.
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Up World, Down World by Padmaparna Ghosh & Sunaina Coelho
In a canopy forest in India, the Up World and Down World have always been suspicious of each other. But it all changes when Gopa the dormouse drops her book by accident on Fatima’s head. A story about the biodiversity of the canopy forests and friendship. This book has been art-directed by illustrator and animator Kaveri Gopalakrishnan.
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Let’s Go Seed Collecting! by Neha Sumitran & Archana Sreenivasan
Join Tooka, Poi, and their best friend Inji the dog, as they go around collecting seeds. The adventure begins when the three friends meet Pacha the tamarind tree. 
At Least I’m Okay! by Alison Byrnes
Una, a mountain goat, lives on top of a mountain in beautiful Sakuland. The animals love their home but one day, the climate begins to change and the animals are forced to leave Sakuland. A story about climate change and how it affects animals and the natural world.
An illustration by Vinayak Varma from ‘Jadav and the Tree-Place’

All these stories can be read and downloaded for free in multiple languages on storyweaver.org.in


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