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If you are looking for a good read, head over to a website which gives you recommendations based on the books you already like.

A website with a self-explanatory title, What I Should Read Next is there to ensure that the discovery of new literature is handled in the most straightforward manner possible.

In principle, all you have to do is furnish the title of a book that you like along with the name of its author in order toreceive a recommendation. This recommendation takes into account a database spanning more than 45,000 titles that have been submitted by site users. As a matter of fact, you can register at the site and build up your own collection of favorites. This way, your tastes can be taken into account when any other person carries out his or her own search.

The people behind this project are also currently putting together a film & music site. In the meantime, you can access this online resource and see if it can help you broaden your literary scope.
Find out what the website recommends for you!

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