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Amit Varma, who writes the popular India Uncut blog, will soon have his first novel, “My Friend, Sancho,” published by Hachette India in April 2009.

Both Amit and Hachette are looking to design the cover of the blog from amongst the blog reading public and thus have announced:

The “My Friend, Sancho” Cover Design Competition

This is how it works: in the next few paragraphs, I shall share a synopsis of the book, and link to an excerpt that gives you a sense of the voice of the main character in the book. I shall also attach Hachette’s official design brief for the book. Based on that, you are invited to send in a cover design, or many if you want, for the book. If we choose to use one of them, you get Rs. 15,000 worth of Hachette books and cover credit.

In case Hachette is unable to use any of the covers submitted, the first prize will not be awarded—but we will pick the design we like the most and award the designer Rs. 5000 worth of Hachette books, plus empanelment on Hachette’s roster of preferred designers. I’m hoping this doesn’t happen, and some kickass designs come in. Needless to say, I will carry all the designs I like on India Uncut, and link to the designer’s homepage wherever relevant.
Click on through to Amit’s post to read the brief and details of how you can enter this competition.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to design a cover for what will surely be a very popular book.

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