Fundraising Fridays

This Fundraising Fridays note is with a special appeal, and a different one. In our previous editions we have been highlighting our campaigns and all the good work the beneficiary organisations associated with those campaigns do, and appealing to you to donate funds for books. But in this edition, the roles are slightly reversed and we are asking for YOUR help for a different cause.

Help us, dear community, in finding genuine organisations who need books and would spread the joy of reading to children in two areas in Tamil Nadu.
But first, allow us to explain a little more. 
A very kind donor at Donate-a-Book reached out to us with a unique appeal. He wants to set up libraries in two villages in Tamil Nadu, but doesn’t know of any genuine organisations or has the resources to find them. Could we help? He will donate the books, but needs to have a reliable organisation or school which will actually take these books to the children.
We will try, we promised. So here is the appeal to you to help us locate organisations/schools/genuine individuals who could set up and take ownership of these libraries and help set up a reading program.
The locations are as follows:
1.Kallakudi – A Panchayat town in Tiruchirappalli district in Tamil Nadu. This is close to Dalmiapuram.
2.Sembiyakudi – A village in Ariyalur district in Tamil Nadu. This is next to Kulamanickam(West).
If you are an organisation that works in these locations or you know of others who do, please drop in a message at [email protected] with the subject ‘ Library-in-a-Village’ or simply leave us a note in the comments section.
Help us build a reading India. Let’s set up libraries together!

Also, last five days left to get your hands on our ‘special gift’ for you this Christmas.
Be a BOOK SANTA and get your own gift!
Make a donation of Rs.1000/- on Donate-a-Book and get a copy of the limited edition Pratham Books 2016 Calendar as a gift. Calendars to be sent to first 100 donations only till 22nd December. Hurry!


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