Film screening “Jadui Pankh” in Delhi

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You may have seen the raah video done by a young filmmaker Nitin Das with our Ekamsatyam band (the lyrics and music composition is entirely the band’s while the visuals have been done by Nitin). He used it in a lovely full length (90 min) movie – Jadui Pankh (Magic Feather) – in the form of a collection of 7 unusual stories.

“Jadui Pankh is a fun film for the entire family. It is made up of 7 stories of magic and mischief, of courage and adventure, of a cricket match and a clever ghost. This film will keep you smiling from the beginning till the end. You’ve seen the dark side of Mumbai slums in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ now see the colorful side”, is how he describes it.

The film is for sale online at www.magicfeather.filmkaar.com for only 200 rupees, and the good part is that Manzil gets a contribution of 25% of the sale proceeds, if chosen from amongst 7 NGOs that Nitin has shortlisted. It’s a lovely, cheerful film – you know, the kind whose happy innocence is rare in these precocious times – and manages to convey values to children without becoming didactic, intending-to-teach, boring. And I am not saying this only because Manzil benefits from its sale, but it really is a beautiful film.

Oh, and by the way, the film has been selected for the Munich Intl Film Festival and Leeds, UK Film festival. It is also being screened at IIC, Delhi on 8th June 2010. I hope you can find the time to come and join us for the showing at IIC on 8th June, and also if there is anyone you think I should invite for the screening, either let me know, or just go ahead and invite them.

I hope you’ll be able to share the link with as many people as you can. We’re trying to spread the word so that more and more people buy the film and support not only our work at manzil, but also Nitin’s wonderful work at filmkaar.


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