Donate-a-Book Turns Two

Wooohoo! On Saturday, 24th June, Donate-a-Book turned two. Looking forward to so many more birthdays and getting many, many, many more books into the hands of children. 

In 2 years, 95,000+ books have reached 2,87,979 kids through the campaigns that have run on the platform. All through friends like YOU. 
Can we ask for a birthday gift? You won’t say that we’ve reached the terrible twos if we do, right? The best part – this birthday gift is going to be shared with thousands of children across India. 
We now want to run the 100k race! Can you help us reach 1,00,000 books by donating a book today? That would definitely be the best birthday gift we receive :).

“Who will you share the books with?”, you ask. With….
– Gram Chetna Kendra which wants to stock two of its resource centres and one of their libraries
– kids studying at an Urdu medium government school in a village called Vaddeswaram.
– Padmashree, a Teach for India Fellow, who wants books for the low income schoolshe teaches in.
– Sharmila who helped build a new library in a remote village in Ladakh.
– children studying at the Hosahalli government school in Maddur.
– a volunteer who wants to get books for a government school in Gundedu village, Telangana.
6 rural schools in Deoghar, Jharkhand
– Library for All : an organization that seeks to create access to books in Ukhrul district, Manipur. 
4 Supplementary Education Centers run by Janakalyan welfare society in villages of Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. 
THANK YOU for joining us on this journey! 
If you know a school or organization that needs books, tell them about the Donate-a-Book platform or start a campaign to get books for them. 
Help India’s children read by donating a book today.
*Photos in this post were sent to us by Chandini Chhabra who raised funds for the ‘School Library Project‘ on Donate-a-Book

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