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(Our friend Chintan sends us so many awesome links that we’ve decided to compile many of them in one place. This is a guest post by Chintan Girish Modi. He is pursuing an M.Phil. in English Language Education. He is interested in poetry, travel, children’s books, libraries, and alternative modes of assessment, particularly peer feedback. He writes for Teacher Plus and Young World, and manages People in Education, an online group that connects various stakeholders in education, and facilitates the sharing of resources.)


The ‘Forbidden Love – The Love Legends of Southasia’ project attempts to address the geopolitical and social contradictions that afflict Southasia today. This initiative stems from the belief that a systemic study of love that is forbidden on grounds of ethnicity, faith, geographical origin, class, caste or gender, is crucial to understanding the region outside the purely political framework.

The Hri Institute for Southasian Research and Exchange; a unit of the Southasia Trust, Kathmandu, is on the lookout for energetic applicants to identify and document these varied and vibrant stories in poetry, prose and music.

Do apply if you:

–          Have research experience
–          Are familiar with the topic being researched
–          Have an eye for detail
–          Have documenting skills (In both text and audio)
–          Are interested in music, dance and culture
–          Are fluent in English and Hindi as well as Punjabi or Sindhi
–          Enjoy travel and meeting people
–          Are passionate about the regional unity of Southasia
–          Are self-motivated as well as a team-player

The appointment is for one year, extendable to two year. Remuneration will be on project basis. Candidates based in India and Pakistan are encouraged to apply. If you feel you are right for the job, send us your CV with a covering letter by July 30, 2010.

Please direct applications and queries to Laxmi Murthy at [email protected]. You can also visit http://www.himalmag.com/ for further information.


The Peace Book Campaign is an initiative of young Kashmiris who yearn for peace to return their trouble torn home.They hope to tell their stone pelting brethren to pick up a book instead of a stone or an iron rod. In their Facebook group, they say, ” It deeply saddens us that our brothers in Kashmir are being brainwashed into pelting stones by their so called leaders.It is ironic that these leaders incite sons of other people to throw stones,riot and vandalize public property, while their own sons are getting the best comforts and education…” 

The idea is to replace hate with knowledge for they believe that the power of education and knowledge trounces the power of hate and ignorance. “Friends,this campaign aims to take away the stones from the hands of our young brethren in Kashmir and replace them with books instead.Since we do not know all these young people personally, let us all send these books to the main instigator of this violence,the man behind all the mayhem that has been let loose on the streets of Kashmir…” 

More than 1300 members have joined in this protest against violence in Kashmir on Facebook. Email [email protected] for further information and visit their Facebook page here


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