Writers’ Houses

Writers’ Houses is a website dedicated to the art of ‘literary pilgrimage’

The impulse to create a site dedicated to documenting writers’ houses came from a growing obsession, since childhood, with books, travel, and making connections between a writer’s work and place. It also came from a realization that there wasn’t a comprehensive resource online, or in print, that helped literary pilgrims find their way.

Of course, it is easy these days, to search online for a favorite author and find out if they have a house to visit. But sometimes there are multiple sites of interest, and not all have websites. The Writers’ Houses database is designed to be a field guide to deceased writers’ homes, searchable by author, city, state, and country.
This is what literary pilgrimage is for: to help our memory work, to help keep the emotional connection with writing we love closer to the surface.

Click here to discover the houses famous authors lived in. Writers’ Houses also commissioned four limited-edition BEAUTIFUL prints of writers’ houses for your walls.
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