Certificate Programme in Foundations of Education

Via Digantar

Of late state of affairs in elementary education has become an issue for the concerned citizens, institutions and all sorts of voluntary organizations in our country. Digantar takes these concerns and willingness to work in this sector as an encouraging sign and wishes to initiate a systematic and sustained dialogue among the concerned individuals already working or willing to work in the area of elementary education. To facilitate this dialogue Digantar has been organising a short term Certificate Programme in Foundation of Education since 2005. The programme consists of a series of four workshops, each workshop spread over a period of 12 working days and covering three courses.

Building upon this understanding of educational enterprise this programme attempts to sensitize the participants towards the particulars of the educational processes and also vies to put education in a larger theoretical frame. Any attempt to conceptualize education assumes certain notion of human nature, its existential conditions, relationships between society and individual, theory of knowledge and other such underlying issues. The programme is unpretentious in its approach and does not claim to provide ‘the right answer’ and quick fix solutions of the problems. However, it seeks to initiate the participants into a process of reflection by encouraging them to take cognizance of their assumptions. In order to respond to the diverse field situations an individual or organization needs to reflect systematically on its own work and build upon broader theoretical understanding. This, we believe, is true for teachers, curriculum designers, policy makers and all other professionals working in the field of education.

For programme structure, dates of forthcoming programme and other details please click here. You may register yourself for the forthcoming programme before August 15, 2010.


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