Celebrating International Friendship Day – Meet our Friends

August 2 is International Friendship Day. We have been around for about 5 years, but on our journey we have made numerous friends who have helped and supported us along the way. Today, we would like to introduce us to some of our friends and the work they do.
UNICEF – UNICEF works tirelessly to ensure that every child – regardless of gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic background or circumstances – has access to a quality education. We focus on gender equality and work towards eliminating disparities of all kinds. Our innovative programmes and initiatives target the world’s most disadvantaged children: the excluded, the vulnerable and the invisible.

Pratham Network – Pratham is the largest non governmental organization working to provide quality education to the underprivileged children of India. Pratham was established in 1994 to provide education to the children in the slums of Mumbai city. Since then, the organization has grown both in scope and geographical coverage.

Akshara Foundation – Akshara Foundation is a Bangalore-based Public Charitable Trust with the mission to ensure that every child is in school and learning well. Established in the year 2000, Akshara Foundation has a range of programmes that provide multiple solutions for universalizing elementary education.

Akshara is a part of the Pratham Education Initiative and has replicated Pratham’s approach of comprehensive, scalable, replicable and cost-effective education solutions.

Room to Read – We partner with local communities throughout the developing world to provide quality educational opportunities by establishing libraries, creating local language children’s literature, constructing schools, and providing education to girls. We seek to intervene early in the lives of children in the belief that education empowers people to improve socioeconomic conditions for their families, communities, countries and future generations. Through the opportunities that only education can provide, we strive to break the cycle of poverty, one child at a time.

iDiscoveri – iDiscoveri is a social enterprise with a mission to renew education in India. iDiscoveri was founded in 1996 and is now a leading enterprise in the spaces of school education, enterprise leadership development and outdoor education.

Bharati Foundation – Bharti Foundation was set up in the year 2000 with the vision, “To help underprivileged children and young people of our country realize their potential“.

We have adopted a two-pronged strategy to impact the quality of education in schools. On one hand, we are adopting government schools, in order to create a positive impact on the quality of education being delivered to underprivileged children. On the other hand, we are in the process of setting up pre-primary, primary and senior secondary level schools under our Satya Bharti School Program.

Comet Media Foundation – This non-profit organisation has been producing communication materials on a range of development issues on themes related to education, environment, health, gender issues and the history of science .

The Kishkinda Trust – Formed in the year 1997,The Kishkinda Trust (TKT) assists the villagers of Anegundi at a grassroots level to build capacity in order to maintain business incubators and to conserve thier historical heritage.TKT runs several unique programs which are seamlessly integrated with lives of the local people and which empower them economically.

Hippocampus Reading Foundation Hippocampus Reading Foundation (HRF) is a section 80G registered not for profit trust set up in the year 2004 by the Hippocampus Children’s Experience Centre (www.hippocampus.in). We work towards inspiring children from disadvantaged communities to read more by setting up ‘Active Libraries’ in government schools and community centres in partnership with other NGOs.

Educomp – Educomp Solutions Limited , founded in 1994 is a globally diversified education solutions provider and the largest education company in India.

You can click on the names of any of the above organizations to learn more about them. This is not a comprehensive list of all our friends. We would like to thank each and every person who has helped us and are continuing to help us reach our goal of ‘A Book in Every Child’s Hand’.

Thank you for being our friend!

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