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Some of the latest water conservation tips come from:

Juhi Gupta –

As much as possible, every individual should use the same glass to drink water throughout the day. A coaster can be used to cover the glass, so that it remains clean from inside, in order to maintain hygiene. Also, you can fix a place at home/ office for ‘your’ glass, so that it doesn’t get mixed up with other glasses.

Two benefits:
1. Since the same glass is used, lesser glasses to be washed throughout the day. So saving water that would otherwise be used for washing multiple glasses.
2. If one is unable to have a glassful of water in one go, next time u wanna take a sip, u shall consume d water left in your glass. So, a few drops saved this way. ‘Cause every drop counts!!

Mehakdeep from Strawberry Fields World School submitted the following poem along with the pledge to save water:

I take a pledge today

to conserve water everyday.

Whatever it takes

I know a huge difference it makes.

A tiny drop is very precious indeed

because water will always be in need.

I will take many steps to conserve water

as the lakes become shorter and shorter.

It is a challenging task for every nation

to leave no one with dehydration.

I promise to do my part

and educate people about this even if they are miles apart.

I take a pledge today

to conserve water everyday.

Latest Cauvery Story: This story was submitted by Naga Chokkanathan

Recently we visited Srirangapatna and River Cauvery was very near. We went and had a ride in a “Parisal” (Big Circular Boats).

The trip was pretty ordinary, till the boatman decided to take us to a very small island there, It was so small that you can stand there feeling as if you are in the middle of the river, But still your legs are not wet. Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed it.

Then the boatman asked, ‘Give me your camera, I will take a picture of you in this island’

I gave it to him immediately, But had a thought, Will he return the camera properly? Or is it a trick to steal the camera? What if he goes away with the camera? Will we be standing here all alone with nobody to take us back to main land?

Thankfully, nothing of that sort happened and the boatman returned the Camera to us. Then I thought how foolish of me, these people who live because of this river, will be respecting it as a god and won’t be stealing right in the middle of it!

One of the books we are launching this year is ‘Cauvery’. ‘Cauvery’ is a 44-page visual treat. The glory of the river Cauvery is highlighted with stunning photographs by Clare Arni. Oriole Henry’s text captures all the myths and stories of a river that feeds thousands of fields in southern India.

On the occasion of the launch event of the children’s book “Cauvery”, Pratham Books invites you to cherish the journey of our great rivers and do your bit towards water conservation.

To coincide with the launch of the book, we are running two contests- ‘Tip a Tip Contest’ and ‘Your Own Cauvery Story’. Participate in these contests and stand a chance to win a bucket full of books!

Click here to tell your Cauvery story and share your tips on water conservation!

We will continue to update this space as and when we get new tips and stories…Scroll down to see the water conservation tips and read people’s ‘Cauvery’ stories…

As an example, our brand manager Purvi Shah shares her Cauvery story with us :

Last year we went for a holiday to Coorg and for the first time my 85 year old grandfather came from mumbai. He was very particular that besides seeing all the other tourist attractions he definitely wanted to go to “TAL CAUVERY” and see where the great Cauvery river starts from. We advised him against the same since it was really far from our home-stay but he was adamant and we did the trip. Needless to say it was a very beautiful and spiritual experience for all – to see the small beginning that eventually takes a big shape in the form of a river!

Our first water tip comes from Talluah Dsilva :

A simple garden tip. Line your potted plants or planters or plant beds with coconut husk. Even dry leaf litter will do. This helps in retaining the moisture content thereby helping in water conservation.

11 year old Sriram who visited the our Bangalore office shared the following water tip:
“When it rains you can collect the water and use it for washing dishes, watering our gardens.”

Bhavna says,

The water left in the school drinking water bottle must be used to water a plant instead of wasting by throwing it into the sink and down into the drain

Preethi shares some of her tips,

1. I have seen many people with the habit of brushing the teeth with the tap open until they finish brushing. Instead they can just on the tap as and when needed for usage.
2. Also bathing is shower consumes more water than using a bucket and a mug. So it is always best to take bath using a bucket full of water rather than standing in the pleasure of the shower and wasting lots of water.
3. Rain water can be collected and used for several household purposes as below:
a) we can use it for watering atleast few plants in the garden
b) use if for washing clothes (especially white shirts/dresses)
c) washing vessels if really more buckets of water are collected
d) cleaning/mobbing the floor at home.
Saving one bucket of water per day per home might make a great difference tomorrow.

Sapna says,

Using water level indicator in the house helps us save water overflowing every time your overtank is filled. Saves water and saves trouble from neighbours! Google to find how to make simple water level indicators. In case you dont want, ensure you reuse this water for the plants in your house or the neighbours.

Rohith’s suggestion…

By making use of grey water for flushing. The water that fills the flush tank in the toilet today can be used for washing hands before it goes into the flush tank. Make the pipe come out instead of going into the tank, such that your tank lid acts as a sink and u can wash ur hands, the water then drains down the hole in the lid to the tank.


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