Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge

For this Design Challenge we are looking for innovative Firefox add-ons that turn the open Web into a rich learning environment.
Add-ons empower millions of Firefox users to personalize their browser’s form and function. Mozilla Labs recently launched Jetpack, an easier and faster way to extend the Firefox web-browser. It enables you to bolt on new features or change the user interface without having to get involved in complex Firefox software development.
We are looking for designers, educators, and software developers who want to use Jetpack (or other Firefox add-on technologies) to unlock new opportunities for digital learning. You don’t need to be a computer geek, but participants are expected to implement their ideas as Firefox add-ons, which will require writing some software code.
Send us your ideas for Firefox add-ons, preferably ones created with Jetpack, that can turn the web-browser into a platform for rich personal learning.
The Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge is divided into three phases: the submission period for mockups that runs until midnight (US Pacific Time) on 27 November, an online course during December 2009 and January 2010, and a face-to-face design camp in March 2010, immediately prior to SXSW Interactive.
Participation is open to individuals and teams, but we especially encourage submissions from inter-disciplinary groups (designers, educators, and software developers). If you don’t have a team of collaborators and would like to work with other people on your submission, check out the informal team formation page on the Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge wiki.
During the first phase of the Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge we ask you to produce a concept, mockup and an explanation of your thinking behind it. A mockup can be anything from a low-fi sketch on a napkin to a high-fi video presenting your concept.

Read more about the challenge here.

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