Rohini Nilekani Launches Her First Digital Children’s Book in Bangalore

Roaring like a tiger and screaming in fright, is not a side of Rohini Nilekani that one gets to witness often.
But when it comes to children and books, Nilekani is ready to let her hair down. To celebrate the launch of her new children’s book, Nilekani, also known by her pen name Noni, held a special book reading session for children at Bangalore’s Hippocampus on Saturday.
Spending a good half an hour with the children, Nilekani enthusiastically enacted two of her own books, Annual Haircut Day which was launched in 2007 and Too Much Noise, her latest book featuring the beloved character Sringeri Srinivas. Launched by Pratham Books, a not-for-profit published which was founded by Nilekani herself, Too Much Noise is the publisher’s first digital book and entry into the world of e-books.
“This is an important book for us for several reasons as it marks the beginning of our journey as a publisher into the “digital – first” world. We want to make hundreds of digital stories available for free, which can be accessed on many devices including mobile phones and helps us fulfill our mission of taking stories to every child in India,” says Suzanne Singh, chairperson, Pratham Books.
“I am delighted that my new book about Sringeri Srinivas is going to be launched as a Creative Commons free eBook available across many media. This is truly the way to go if we genuinely wish to reach all children, wherever, whenever with a good story, right in their own hands. I am very proud that Pratham Books is able to pioneer such work to increase children’s access to content. And of course, I hope children will love Sringeri Srinivas and the book Too Much Noise,” says Nilekani.
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‘Too Much Noise’ has been written by Noni and illlustrated by Angie and Upesh. You can access the book for FREE in the following ways:
1. Read/download the book

2. Access the Interactive Book App from Mangoreader (English, Hindi, Marathi)
3. Watch the animated story created by BookBox
4. Listen to the audio stories created by Radio Mirchi 

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