‘Book Clubs’ on Facebook : Getting More Kids to Read

We have spotted quite a few kids becoming our fans on the Pratham Books facebook page. This surely is an indication of the online lives of children as well as their love for books. Many people on Facebook also have bookshelves which show all their friends the books they like, the books they have and the books they want to read. Now there is also an application called Book Clubs which gives booklovers a place to chat about their favourite books on Facebook.

Via The Joy of Children’s Literature

Book Clubs is a new application on the hugely popular social networking site, offering students a free and convenient place to share ideas about books, authors, and related interests. Facebook members can instantly create or join a reading group devoted to any category, region, interest, or author.

“If you want to connect with people who share your passion for books, this is the place to be,” says Rusty Weston, cofounder of Book Clubs. “Online book clubs aren’t intended to replace face-to-face meetings, but many book lovers can’t make monthly gatherings or don’t want to wait that long to discuss what they’re reading.”

Users can post comments about a book or author, rate or review books, build or search a library of titles, entirely at their convenience. They can arrange meetings in person and use book clubs as a place to chat or post club news between meetings. It’s also a place where you can build a personal library drawn from a vast, searchable database of book titles.

Weston, a journalist with a deep passion for literature and a social media maven, came up with the idea because he realized that other book applications on Facebook “were all about building bookshelves rather than putting together readers who share a common interest,” he explains. “It also occurred to me that the friends with whom I share similar taste in literature don’t live in my community.”

Read the entire article here. You can also join Book Clubs on Facebook.

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