An Author’s Different Take on Booktours

Laurel Snyder has two young kids and cannot do a traditional book tour for her readers. So, what does she do?

I am going to make up some “author kits. In each there will be a copy of my new book, a stack of signed book plates, a cute T-shirt that says, *I’m* Laurel Snyder
Author by proxy.
I will be happy to send a kit to you, if you will arrange a local reading for me. You can call up your local bookstore or library, and just say, “Hey! Can I crash storytime?” They will say yes. Then, you will don the shirt, and do a delightful reading in my place. You will “sign” books and you will chat with kids, and I will be very very very grateful to you.

In return for their gesture, Laurel will thank them by name in her next book. Read more here.

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