Hyper Local Journalism in the Czech Republic

With the newspaper industry in trouble, new ways of rescuing it are emerging. Next month, coffee shops will open up in the Czech Republic which serve more than just coffee.
As they sip their drinks, visitors will also be able to surf the Web, get help in building social networking profiles or even chat with reporters working right next door putting together their local newspapers.

The newsrooms-cum-cafes are part of a new venture in so-called hyperlocal journalism, which aims to reconnect newspapers with readers and advertisers by focusing on neighborhood concerns at a neighborhood level: think garbage collection schedules, not Group of 7 diplomacy. “It’s a feeling for the reader that you can touch your editor and tell them what you want.“The position of the journalist is not just to be observing and writing something on the newspaper or on the Web, but also to help people have the tools to do something in their community.”

It plans to begin publishing seven weekly newspapers and about 30 Web sites serving four distinct regions of the country next month, clustered around the four cities in which the “news cafes” will be situated: Olomouc, Usti, Teplice and Kromeriz. The cafes, Web sites and newspapers will operate under the name Nase Adresa, or “our address,” with the names of the local communities included for the publications.
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