ASER’s Youngest Volunteers

A tweet by the ASER Centre led us to this video of the youngest volunteers who did a survey in their own locality.

?In a Std V class in Seelampur, a densely-crowded community in the north-east of Delhi, a teacher and his children were discussing the status of education in their community. The teacher mentioned that each year there was a Annual Status of Education Report for India. ?The children wanted to know if there was an ASER for Seelampur. When they found out that there was no such report, they set off to create one for their neighbourhood. The Std V students surveyed close to 350 students studying in Std 3 to Std 8?. They also released their ASER report in January. Meet these children of Bab-Ul-Uloom school and their teacher, who is a Teach for India fellow and find out what they did. ?

Our Delhi team also had the opportunity to host the kiddos in our office as they came to pick out books as their rewards for being such self-starters. Big cheer for these little volunteers.

ASER volunteers from Bab-Ul-Uloom school at our office
ASER volunteers from Bab-Ul-Uloom school at our office

Watch them present their findings in the following clip.

Update : A panel discussion by the young surveyors from Bab-ul Uloom school. They share their own views on schooling, learning, teaching, and even enthusiastically answer questions from the audience.



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