Achieve Together Conference

The Achieve Together Conference is scheduled to take place on 10th march, 2013 at Don Bosco High School, Mumbai.
Via an email sent by the organizing team :
The one day conference will see 120 children from Mumbai city from diverse backgrounds spend the day listening to inspiring life stories, engage in some fun learning workshops and meet students with different challenges and wonder.
Mr Jerry Pinto, the award winning author has confirmed to speak at the event while experts like Suruchi Aulakh (of Jhoom), The Learning Lab, Renee Vyas, Reimagine Schools, Reema Prasanna and many more will be conducting workshops for children. We have been very careful with choosing our speakers and facilitators and every message we send out is carefully thought of.
Schools that have grades from 7th- 9th, are invited. Any child who meets the age criterion is welcome (home schooled kids, night school students, children from NGOs, children with special needs. Students will be expected to pay a fee (10 percent of their monthly school fee or we could discuss this) to confirm registration.

Visit the Achieve Together Conference website for more details and to register.


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