How Language can save a vital medicinal plant!

Yes, ancient languages are the key to traditional wisdom, and that includes knowledge about medicinal plants. And you hold the key to helping save languages…

We missed International Mother language Day yesterday – February 21. However, missing a commemorative day is not drastic, but missing the message? Now that’s disastrous. According to experts, every time we loose a language, we loose the legacy of culture and native knowledge that only that language could communicate.

Says a UNESCO report: The most important thing that can be done to keep a language from disappearing is to create favourable conditions for its speakers to speak the language and teach it to their children.

Via Deccan Herald:

“…Boa Senior, the only speaker of Bo language in Andaman Islands passed away. With her death, a 70,000 year old language, a unique heritage of mankind became extinct. With this extinction we not only lost a language, but lost an entire knowledge system, which was different from the industrial age.”

As a multilingual publisher, we try to do our bit to ensure that children get to read books in many languages.

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Image Source: 17,000ft.


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