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A few days back, Teach For India Fellow Lakshmi Kollengode from Pune, ordered our Library-In-A-Classroom kit. The Library-In-A-Classroom kit is a big hit among schools and educators. With a pack of 125 books in 2 languages and 4 levels, there is something for every kind of reader.

When this kit reached Lakshmi’s classroom, she was kind enough to share a few pictures of the kids and the books with us.

What Lakshmi wrote about her classroom, made our day.

 Quoting her : “My students now pick up those books themselves and start reading without being told to. What more can I ask for as a teacher!

Picking up a book of their choice
Immersed in their books.

Seriously, what more can we ask for too! Good Luck to your little readers Lakshmi.

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