10/10 for 10/10

“10on10 Math for Kids” is an annual ‘after school home learning’ program, with a 12 month cycle of delivery, each monthly kit consisting of 35 – 40 worksheets. Once you sign up, your child will receive creative math worksheets scientifically developed by IIT math experts. The math worksheets are simple & creatively presented using animal cartoons, to stimulate the logical, visual and spatial thinking in your child, thus making the learning process fun & enjoyable. According to the “10 on 10” website, the curriculum is world class, using the guidelines of the NCERT (India); Singapore curriculum & NCTM (US). The same concepts are taught in multiple creative ways, so as to reinforce the concept without making it boring for the child. From what I gathered on reading the testimonials, parents seem extremely happy with the worksheets and the positive impact they have on their children. Visit “10 on 10” to find out more. “10 on 10” also provides 20 free sample worksheets to assess the children’s dominant learning style. 

And guess what? Our friends at Akshara Foundation have successfully implemented 10 on 10 in about100 schools in Bangalore! 

Image Source: 10 on 10


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