Would You Like To Name A Book Brand?

Pratham Books needs a new brand name for its range of books. Currently our books go under the Read India imprint. We need a new name for a new imprint.
Pratham Books is one of India’s largest not-for-profit children’s book publisher. Our mission is to “see a book in every child’s hand” and to achieve this; we publish high quality, reasonably priced books in 11 Indian languages. Our aim is to democratize reading and ensure that every child in India has access to lots and lots of affordable books.
Here’s where we could use a little help from you! And so, with great expectations Pratham Books presents to you:
The Read India Brand Name change Contest
All children aged from 3-14 years living in India. We want our books to reach every child in India whether she lives in large bustling metro or in a tribal community in a remote village.
Key essence the brand name needs to capture: Children’s books that spread the joy of reading and are woven from every thread of India.
The new brand name should satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Ideally it should be an Indian word, which is easily understood across all Indian languages
  2. Should be simple and easy to pronounce
  3. Should be fun, happy / connote joy of reading

Some of the names we have come up with are: Patang, Kathalok, Jadoo……
Based on the above, you are invited to send us your brand name options. Oh and by the way you can send in more than one name. We actually hope you send in dozens. If we choose to use one of them, you get a Pratham Books’ book hamper and credit on our blog and website for the same.
It’s a wonderful opportunity to come up with a brand name for a product that is going to reach out to millions and millions of children across India! Happy Writing!

Ah and the most important part …..Contest ends: 28.2.2009
Email your brand names to [email protected]



  1. Anonymous February 17, 2009

    Oh I have a few in mind! How about Reading Room, Book Butterfly (as opposed to book worm!), MagikInk, Get Booked!, Booker House, Rainbow Reads, Ink Trails – There seems to be no end to cliches when it comes to creating a new brand aint it?
    – furry byter

  2. Anonymous February 17, 2009

    Absolutely….and its worse zeroing in on the “perfect one”
    In any case thanks a lot for the ones contributed, in case you come up with more do email us at [email protected]

    Thanks Purvi


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