World Read Aloud Day : Editors’ Picks

Today is World Read Aloud Day!  
From the Litworld website :

We think everyone in the world should get to read and write. Every year, on World Read Aloud Day, people all around the globe read aloud together and share stories to advocate for literacy as a human right that belongs to all people.

Source : Litworld
At Pratham Books, we would love to see the day where every child has a book to read – every single day! We cornered our editors and asked if they could suggest 2 books to share with our readers. And here are their answers with their reasons (P.S – We love too many books to pick favourites!)…
Sandhya Taksale suggests :

What Happened to Shawl? – by Arvind Gupta and Debasmita Dasgupta
¨ The story is interesting and has a plot that lends itself very well for a read aloud. It talks about recycling, reusing and reducing in the most fascinating way. 

Angry Akku – by Vinayak Varma
My next choice is Angry Akku. Kids love this story. The dramatic element is powerful which is needed for a read aloud. Very few stories talk about emotional intelligence from a child’s point of view.

Bijal Vachharajani suggests :

Goby’s Noisy Best Friend – by Sheila Dhir and Anjora Noronha
I love all the little sounds you can make while reading this book out loud. And the repetition really helps.

The Hundred and Thirty Seventh Leg/ ???? ???????? ??? – by Madhuri Purandare
A wonderful story about a millepede coupled with Madhuri Purandare’s iconic illustrations
Yamini Vijayan’s picks include : 

Aunty Jui’s Baby – by Madhuri Purandare
Everybody should read this! It’s so easy to relate to, and so full of humour.
Read the book
Who Ate All That Up? – by Sejal Mehta and Rohan Chakravarty
A really fun story on how nothing goes to waste in the forest. Read the story JUST for the wild boar. GRUNT! GRUNT!

Sherein Bansal listed :
????? – by Kamla Bakaya and Audrey Agnier
It’s that fun desi Hindi poetry book that you can’t help but read with a rhythmic energy that the book demands. The characters are funny, and the situations funnier.
The Red Raincoat – by Kiran Kasturia and Zainab Tambawalla
The story’s repetitive tone makes it fun for very young readers.
Mala Kumar’s choices include :
Mouse in the House – by Sowmya Rajendran andTanaya Vyas
Imagine a mouse running through the house. One can definitely expect lot of action and drama.
Hatchu! Ha-aaa-tchu! – by Sharada Kolluru and Lavanya Karthik
Because it has a lot of sounds that will make it a happy read aloud. This is such a simple story that it can be adapted to suit any age group.
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Shinibali Mitra Saigal’s list includes :

Cat in the Ghat –  by Ambika Rao and  Ruchi Shah
This book is a fantastic read aloud because it’s in rhyme. It’s not bound to any age and is a quirky adventure set in the Western Ghats. Written by Ambica Rao, the book has all the ingredients that children get drawn to-  animals, tryst and verse. 
It’s All the Cat’s Fault – by Anushka Ravishankar and Priya Kuriyan
Written by word magician Anushka Ravishankar , this book is loads of fun. Children are always looking for excuses to skip school and homework and this book offers a basketful of ideas.
Amna Singh recommends :

Doong Doong Dum Dum – by  Juanga Writers’ Group and Pradip Kumar Sahoo, Sanatan Juanga, and Sugrib Kumar Juanga
Commands of ‘go’ and ’stay’ coming from deep within a forest. What was it? An animal, a bird or…Have you come across a better premise for a read aloud. Not me! 
You can listen to it here and here

??? ???, ??! ??? ??? – by Prayag Shukla and Siraj Saxena
It’s not a read aloud – it’s a rap aloud! One of the most important ingredients that make a story a great read aloud is the fun the narrator has with it. This tops my list of fun reads.

Which is your favourite book for a read-aloud?

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