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We were talking about the millionth word to enter the English language last week. We also like the ‘Save the Words‘ website and there was also an etymology related post we did long ago. Another word-related post for today…
Open Culture has a post on ‘Hard Words in the New York Times‘.

When you’re reading The New York Times and stumble upon a word you don’t know, you can highlight it and the Times will give you the definition. Naturally, the Times keeps track of the definitions it provides. So what are the most commonly looked up words?

  1. sui generis
  2. solipsistic
  3. louche
  4. laconic
  5. saturnine
kottke linked to a post on words from invented languages


INVENTED LANGUAGE: Sonja Elen Kisa’s Toki Pona (2001)
Toki pona is a “minimal language that focuses on the good things in life.” It has only 118 words, so words are used in multiple ways. Pona can be a verb (“improve,” “fix,” “repair,” “make good”), an adjective (“good,” “simple,” “positive,” “nice,” “correct,” “right”), a noun (“goodness,” “simplicity,” “positivity”), or an interjection (“great!”, “cool!” “yay!”). Pona!

kottke also linked to a site which has a list of the 100 most beautiful words in English. Some of the words that I like are Talisman, Serendipity, Mondegreen and Ephemeral. What are your favourites from the list? We also have an ‘Ailurophile’ in our office!

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