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Do your children love writing and want to showcase their work somewhere? Words and More (Kids) may be the place to go…

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Words and More (Kids) is an effort to encourage creative writing by children (between 7 and 18 years) in a variety of genres: stories, prose, rhyme, poetry, articles, or any other format. We welcome all entries and will provide editorial support and help to all youngsters who wish to express themselves through the written word.
We wish to encourage children to express their creativity and their thoughts in writing, give them editorial support and guidance, and provide to them a platform where they can see their efforts polished and presented attractively.

Even though kids all over the words are reading books less and less, preferring audio-visual media, their creativity, nonetheless, remains undampened.

All around us there are kids with countless stories and poems in their heads that never make it to paper or the computer, simply because they either don’t have the confidence for it, or because they feel, in this era of global audio-visual exposure, that there is no point to it. Plus, with the hectic pace of contemporary life and their parents’ and guardians’ busy schedules, they lack editorial guidance and are afraid of attracting ridicule due to grammatical errors.

It is here that Words and More (Kids) steps in. We welcome entries in all genres (prose, poetry, stories, rhymes, articles, etc.) from anyone between 7 and 18 years of age who wishes to write and be published on the net on a forum dedicated to children. (The age limit, however, is not strictly enforced. Efforts of slightly younger or slightly older writers are also welcome).

We sincerely believe that besides bringing out the literary talent in yougsters, this will help our children to be more clear-thinking, articulate and expressive individuals.

And just in case any one has any doubts, Words and More (Kids) is absolutely free … a labour of love and a small step towards building a global community of creative, free thinking youngsters.
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