Where Our Books Go….

So where do our books go?

A number of channels, the biggest channels are through libraries run by Pratham, Room to Read and other non-profits, to government run school libraries and education programs and a very small percentage to the market at large via our online store or via walk in buyers.

The Karnataka Learning Partnership is a unique public private partnership between the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and a number of NGO’s including Akshara Foundation. It was set up to improve learning outcomes among primary school children in all government schools in Karnataka to ensure that they are learning at the age appropriate level.

There are multiple programs being implemented under the Karnataka Learning Partnership:

And they have very cool GIS mapped data too!

Some of our books enter the reading program, above, either as books or story cards. Story cards are condensed, one page, versions of our books that are laminated for durability.

And here’s a video on the KLP Reading Program.


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